Physical CDs Now Available For "40 Acres"!!!

For the first time ever!  And you can have it for a limited time at the low price of $5.99 + shipping.

Order Here!

The success of this album exceeded all of my expectations five years ago, especially considering it was promoted without physical copies on hand.

The song “40 Acres” has appeared on numerous Top 10 lists, even as recently as August 2013.

It was played extensively in popular pod casts and streaming services, racking in thousands of listens on every continent. (except Antarctica…but those guys don’t count!)  It even played on some FM radio stations.

More importantly, the album generated testimonies of lives changed and family restored.

My new album is right around the corner, but I feel there remains a small amount of unfinished business here.  Also, please note, any purchase you make will go towards making sure the new release is launched in proper fashion.

The people at have provided an amazing resource for independent artists such as myself that have made this possible.  I already received my copy and the quality is beyond exceptional!  Thank you all for your support and God bless!

Order Now! Only $5.99 + shipping for a limited time


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