Update: What I’ve Been Up To

This time period I am in may be the most difficult for artists and creative people.  I have so many really super awesome projects in the works and so very little to share publicly.  I simultaneously want to take you on this amazing journey, while saving the big reveal of all I am doing for just the right moment.

I must, however, at the very least let you in on what I am working on – even if it is just some vague descriptions.

First of all, I am designing a new, never-seen-before type of guitar lesson website.  It will be animated, interactive and above all, fun.  The course will cover just about everything I have learned and utilize when I perform.  This will be big, I promise you!

Also, production is in full swing for the next album release.  While I can’t tell you a whole lot, there IS a title, there is a definite new direction and a giant leap forward in every aspect of what I do.  I can’t wait to share more.  Since I cannot however, please accept this picture of a happy, recovering puppy as my sincere apology.