"40 Acres" Single Debuts at #3 !!!

Big news! The single “40 Acres” debuts at number 3 on the Broadjam Folk chart. Also, it is number 1 in the subcategory Folk/Religious!

These lists are based upon the anonymous reviews of musicians and are competed for by over eighty-six thousand independent artists.

I am obviously very excited and thrilled! All glory to God! Woohoo!


I Just Signed A License Agreement!

PumpAudio is a world leader in licensing music for advertising, television, film and web clients. Their clients are the who’s who of American companies, including ABC, NBC, CBS, UPN, MTV, VH1, Nike, Kellogg’s, and even Oprah!

I had to upload two songs for their consideration. Although I was warned before that the process could take up to two months, my application was “green lighted” within 24 hours!

In the agreement, I was warned that I would probably not know ahead of time if my work was to be used, so keep your ears open, people!!! That background song on your favorite television show just might be from this album!

Joined BMI today!

BMI is a performing rights organization that works for hundreds of thousands of artists worldwide to pay them royalties on radio airplay.

My pastor released several CDs in years past and came to church wearing new a Christian T-shirt he bought with his royalty check. That kind of got me thinking I needed to join, too!

Also, I am signing up on a new website for independent artists that sell tracks online and seeks radio play for it’s members. I’ll let you know all about that when it all gets set up!

About The Cover Art

I knew I wanted something that looked like a timeless farm. I also knew I wanted something with hills and mountains in it. I simply did a google search and found Dixon Marshall’s Flickr Page.

It had the exact flavor of what I was looking for. When I saw the photo I knew right away it was the one. After a couple emails the guy was incredibly nice and gave me permission to use this photo and another one for the back.

After I fell in love with his work I found out he was also a West Virginian! So, I figured I had some cover art that tied in to at least two songs on the album! Can’t ask for better than that. Check out his stuff, it’s pretty cool!

Promotion Update

I’ve been prayerfully considering which promotional tools to use so people can know about and hear this album.

My main focus right now is to get the actual CD manufactured first. The reason for this is because I can then use a service called CDbaby.com. That service requires a CD, but will do the work to get your music on iTunes and more.

I’ve wanted to put up a profile on MySpace, but everytime I try I kind of get a leading not to. I have decided to trust this leading until I pray about it some more.

What I have done is place some ads using Microsoft adCenter shown in the photo. I am not sure how much traffic this will drive to the site, but the budget is very small.

Please remember, you can help get this project noticed! Send everyone in your address book a link to the site. Word of mouth is always the best advertisement!

God Bless! Really soon I will share with you the prophetic word spoken over this project so you can agree with me that it will be successful and Jesus will be glorified.