A song befitting 2020

Although written in 2016, the release of the song Hey There, You Hang in There is a perfect anthem for all of us facing the trials and tribulations of 2020.

You gotta relax, don’t worry
You gotta be cool like the other side of the pillow

From “Hey There, You Hang in There,” Gregory Bratton © 2020

I know armchair social media experts are taking bets on what the next major monthly catastrophe will be. Godzilla? Alien invasions? But, I want to offer hope. We’ve been in tight spots before and we made it through. By God’s grace, we’re going to do it again!

So, say a friendly hello to your neighbor and offer two big thumbs up to whomever you meet. (This is probably better than a smile nowadays!) Let’s all make an effort to rejuvenate the atmosphere surrounding us with some much needed positivity.

And, if you think you may need a chillaxing theme song to hum aloud while busy about all of that? I’ve got you covered! Here ya’ go!


So yeah, there’s a new album

I ditched the video series lead in because I feel as if NOW is the time to get this out. Maybe one day I’ll post some clips. Who knows?

Any hoo, the album is sent off and just awaiting some last second quality checks before hitting the streaming platforms. It’s 11 tracks of acoustic-flavored awesomeness.

Here’s the cover:

The Lesson of I – Gregory Bratton © 2020

I’m personally most excited about tracks 3 and 5.

Track 3 is called Hey There, You Hang In There and seems like the perfect anthem for our time. Track 5 is A Bedtime Story and, as my wife says, it just ‘hits different.’ lol

I’ll let you know as soon as you can find it!