The Better My Ears Get, The Harder It Is To Listen To Modern Or Remastered Music

So I’m sitting here in Pigeon Spaceship Studios, version 2.0 fine tuning the room to the new speakers.  I have never had a more accurate system or environment to listen to music.  I am literally rediscovering tracks I have heard all of my life as they come alive on this new setup revealing deeper detail and depth I had never noticed before today.

It didn’t take long to realize how deficient modern mastering techniques have become.  The loudness war has ruined practically any track released since 2000.  Any classic track “remastered” has had all of the life sucked out of it.

I suppose it is understandable.  It is probably way more important for songs to be able to compete on this:

instead of this:
I know I sound like the grumpy old man, but I really want to be able to enjoy new releases, but my ears won’t let me.  Rant over, continue about your day.