Tune In To "Tuesday Night Bliss" tomorrow!

I will be a Featured Artist tomorrow on “Tuesday Night Bliss” and have some of my songs popping up on some of the other shows on that station.

This is a great way to get an advanced look at some of the never-heard-before new album tracks and hear amazing new music from Christian artists around the world. Stop in and say hello!


Tuesday Night Bliss 5-7 PM PST is a blend of mellow Rock, contemporary Christian music, and Rock music.

The world`s best independent Gospel music and Ministry – tune in and tune up your soul. Home of the “Eternal Cross Show” with DJ RedMan, and the “Dusty Roads Show” with Jerry “the bluesman” Herrera.

Winning The Loudness War

All of the tracks on “Just What The World Is Looking For” register either 8 or 9 on the TT DR Offline Meter.

There is punch and life in the tracks, something audiophiles and casual listeners will instantly appreciate.

I hope you will listen for yourself when the album becomes available next month!  You won’t regret it!