Cool New Site I Found

I’ve set up profiles on several different sites, but none compare to the overall features at ReverbNation. Right now I would recommend it to anyone.

There is no option to sell from there, but it does let you link to a store. Also, I don’t know how much traffic I can attract, but I’ll let you know.


Most Prestigious Top 10 List Yet! is a highly-selective independent music radio station that plays every genre of music in a terrestial format. Meaning, the music is selected by DJs and streamed 24/7, just like a regular radio station.

Just getting airplay on this station is a huge honor. “Tony Maloney” being listed in the Top 10 Radio Songs from the last 7 days is epic. Especially considering that the song is competing outside of it’s Christian format.

I plan on sending an email to the site letting them know how much I appreciate them for spinning not only my track, but Christian music in general. God Bless!


That’s an ISRC code. What’s an ISRC code? It’s a sort of fingerprint of a digital recording. The “US-S4P” part is what signifies me. I’m guessing the US part is a country code and the “S4P” is just an identifier. The “08” repesents the year of the release and the 5 digits after that is assigned by me to each track I release.
The number shown in the title is “Never Gonna Stop Me”.
Radio stations use this code to assist them in reporting royalty payments to the artist. Since I’m new to this, I’m sort of learning as I go and documenting the process.