Fine, let’s talk bathrooms…

<Grumble, grumble>

I really hoped this thing would die out on its own after a few days, yet here we are with everyone still at each other’s collective throats.

Truth is, I have this thing figured out. It is actually really simple. The entire fiasco is based upon a couple mistruths and misunderstandings.

First misconception – This is not a binary argument. There are more than two vantage points to view this from. Granted, just like in TV’s Survivor, alliances form, and battles follow. However, we truthfully should not be fighting with each other in the first place.

Why not? Because this all rests upon differing world-views. The idealistic “people are generally good” world-view, versus the pessimistic “people are generally selfish/evil” mindset. I believe understanding this, and respecting each outlook is the key to unlock the dividing door between the warring factions.

For example, when the typically younger, more liberal person simulates this scenario in their head, they see an unpopular, misunderstood outcast who is frequently bullied by their alpha peers. The idea that government would somehow pile on atop this bigotry and make a bad situation worse is unconscionable.

The more seasoned and jaded of us expect to see predators exploiting this softer stance to more easily commit sexual acts of violence. Giving criminals free rein to visit whichever restroom they choose seems dangerous and naive.

But, all it takes is a short ride through the social media memes of the day to witness gaping holes punched into each dogmatic point of view. These scathing arguments are effective because they are all at least partially true.

Right this moment, there are confused and suicidal young children who are wrestling with understanding their gender identity. Denying this, or even worse – dismissing this – is not a winning argument.

Conversely, there is no doubt undiscovered rapists and molesters walk among us preying upon the weak and the vulnerable. It is plausible to argue that an unintended side effect of this policy could produce more victims than it was originally designed to save.

Do you see what I just did here? I presented and attempted to understand the motives and reasonings of each side. You can do this too. Even make a habit of it in your daily life.

So ultimately, what is the common ground? Simple. Neither wants victimization to occur. This is a good and solid place to begin building. Surely there is a way the more reasonable of us can make this happen.

This culture war needs a truce. I, for one, would like to go to the bathroom in peace.