"40 Acres" Makes A New Top 10 List

Ok, it’s a little complicated. It’s the Broadjam Top 10 from the last 30 days among 37-50 year olds. Okay, the only thing that makes this sort of impressive is that it includes EVERY category. So, it’s a least kind of cool. (Position 9, by the way)

I’ve been busy working on other things to have done much music promotion recently…but that doesn’t mean YOU have to stop telling people about the site here!

My wife and I have been developing a Christian curriculum for young girls and it is finally in the initial stages. I’ll let you know more about that as it develops.

I haven’t forgotten about ISRC codes or Vista Sidebar Radio…I’m getting to it soon! 🙂


New Computer Woes and Wows!

I’ve been semi-offline for the last couple weeks retiring my old PC and building a new one from donated “broken” ones. These broken PCs had plenty of parts to make a pretty decent little machine for myself!

I’ve ran into some pesky problems with some legacy gear in my new Vista 64-bit install. Seems like Vista doesn’t support the GamePort anymore! That is where my MIDI cable plugs in! There is a guy who claims to have made a MIDI driver for Vista, but the 64-bit version is not 100% yet. I’ll be trying it out soon enough, I’m sure.

Assuming I get up and running again, I am looking forward to some painless recording. Tracking “40 Acres” really put my old computer into the red performance-wise. The processor would overheat and ring system alarms at me while I was laying down tracks! Even after rendering individual instruments, the computer couldn’t access the data fast enough from my hard drives. It’s a wonder I finished it at all!

Anyways, I have been introduced to the Vista Sidebar and I like it! There seems to be a radio station “gadget” and I intend to attempt to get airplay there. I’m still a few days from normal, but at least I’m back online.

Next time I’ll tell you all about ISRC codes and what they do. (Try to hold your excitement 😉