The Freedom Space Podcast

Yet another foriegn language podcast has picked up a track from the album. From what can tell of the site, it seems to be a German or Italian Christian music podcast averaging a few dozen downloads a week.

Their most recent show features “Never Gonna Stop Me”. Drop them a line if you speak whatever language that is over there! My best guess is German.

Rethinking The Web Design

This website was setup to promote “40 Acres”. There really isn’t space for another project on the site as it stands today.

At some point in the next few weeks, I am going to have to renevate the look to support multiple projects and interests. It is also possible that I may be performing in the next 12 months or so, so I’d like to have resources available online to help with that, too. Finally, I am going to need to create a brand identity that will work for and not just the current album cover I am using now.

All of the blogger templates are currently 2-column, but I have used a 3-column template on another site I maintain. If you have any suggestions about all of this, or any thing else I need to include, drop me an email!

1st Song Is Done!

I know I will tweak it a bit when all the songs are finished for consistency sake, but track one is a wrap! The result has been a confirmation this is God’s plan for me right now. At least, that’s what Lora tells me! 😉

I think I’ve got most of the kinks worked out with the new recording process, so hopefully I’ll have the new album done in short order.

Trying to compare this song to the songs on “40 Acres” is a bit like comparing apples to oranges, but I can state with confidence that the instrumentation is a generation ahead of the last project. Part of that, I think, is the new sounds and some of it is the engineering experience I picked up along the way.

Anyways, thought I’d share my excitement, more info to come! God bless!