Recording Has Begun…

…on my next album. After much prayer and soul-searching, I have decided to record a praise and worship album.

Marketing this album will be different than the efforts I have put into “40 Acres”. My plan is to contact music directors directly and offer royalty-free lead sheets and song downloads for use in their houses of worship. I also want to have soundtrack downloads available for singers.

Having worked alongside several music ministers, I know the challenges they face finding quality new music to perform. God willing, this album will fill that need.

I have not finished promoting “40 Acres”. I still have a few ideas for things which might expose those songs to a larger audience. In the meantime, remember I am counting on you to tell people within your circle of influence about the music here!

By the way, the new stuff is sounding great so far!


More Radio Play From!

Remember, is the podcast that is broadcast over several FM radio stations. While I am unsure of number of listeners, this is probably my widest distribution channel right now. I am thrilled to be on the Program Director’s good side!

Darryl Hurd has ran “Tony Maloney” multiple times and now has “Hold My Beer And Watch This” on his playlist. Judging by the clip below, it seems he may pick up some more songs from the album before it’s all said and done.

If you have a spare moment, send Darryl, host of The Intro a note at this webpage letting him know that you appreciate him playing these songs and his efforts promoting the kingdom of God to young people everywhere.

Uncle Warren Plays "Unconditionally" has broadcast another song from the album this week. I am pretty sure it is the first time “Unconditionally” has been featured on a podcast. Of course, I think the same can be said of “Not Here Not Now” when he played it in January.

It’s nice to see these songs get some exposure. Sometimes as a songwriter you wonder if others “get” what you are doing.

Uncle Warren gets it. He finds great independent Christian music every week and puts it out for the world for free. Go visit and subscribe to his podcast for “15 minutes of Jesus twice a week”!