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Those Who Traverse the Night Sky
Gregory Bratton © 2022

A veritable grab bag of styles and moods, this project is sure to have something for everyone. A definitive leap forward in songwriting, arrangement, and production.

1 Whatcha Gonna Bring Me?

2 Everything Can Change

3 Watch Me Burn

4 Not Again

5 Fight for All That’s Mine

6 Choosing My Reality

7 Trembling Hands

8 The Kind of Night Mellencamp Would Write

9 Unsightly

10 Exasperated


The Lesson of I
Gregory Bratton © 2020

This introspective acoustic-flavored offering features a wide variety of singer/songwriter tracks presented with superb musicianship and increased dynamic range.

1 On Your Own

2 That Is Just the Way We Do

3 Hey There, You Hang In There

4 I’m Gonna Reach You

5 A Bedtime Story

6 Too Many Moving Pieces

7 Could You Think About Me?

8 I’m Not That Strong

9 I Could Do Better on My Own

10 Fields of Harvest

11 If God Is Not Real

Almost Alive CD CoverAlmost Alive
Gregory Bratton © 2017

Are you only going through the motions, powered by a zombie-like inertia, unaware of your true passions? Are you truly living? Or, are you merely Almost Alive?

1 Hide Away

2 Almost Alive

3 Get Up and Turn It All Around

4 When the Spirit Moves

5 Time To Breathe

6 Change, It Is a Coming

7 One Thing

8 Bated Breath

9 Destiny

10 Misguided

11 The Only Home I’ve Known

12 Thinking About My Life at 3 a.m.

13 Hide Away (Reprise)


Just What the World Is Looking For
Gregory Bratton © 2013

Life is not only for the unscarred or the rich and charmed. The only requirement to truly live is a pulse and a willingness to serve others, despite any of your shortcomings. The sound is modern pop, but voiced with classic, timeless instrumentation.

Just What the World Is Looking For

Once Came An Epiphany

Sitting Next To You

There Is A Cause

Inspector Virlo Morton Lee

A Thousand Years

Something Beautiful

Dontcha Know

Autumn Drive

10 Never Let Go

11 Up With God (Ps 68, The Message)

12 Snowflakes

13 Till We Win (A New Year’s Eve Song)

64404-40acres_cd_cover_icon40 Acres
Gregory Bratton © 2008

This debut release from the self-described “Modern Christian Outlaw Recording Artist” effortlessly handles dramatic and comedic themes seamlessly integrating many divergent genres. A pop-sensitivity for memorable melodies anchor this album throughout.

Never Gonna Stop Me

Tony Maloney

40 Acres

Not Here Not Now

One Moment Away

We Could Believe In Love

It Happens On A Saturday

Holy Revolution


10 West Virginia

11 Hold My Beer And Watch This

12 Diamond Rings

13 Irresistable

14 I’ll Show You

15 Say A Prayer For Louisiana