My son’s 8-hole Ocarina…

…didn’t come with a fingerchart. So we spent an hour or so making him one. You would think somewhere out there on the ‘ol internets you would find such a thing….but….no.

We ended up making one and posting it on a few Ocarina enthusist sites in less time than we spent searching for one!

I made it free to copy and distribute for non-commercial users, but included the URL to this website in the fine print. I might??? have given the illusion there is ocarina music on here….but hopefully they will listen anyways.

If you are just dying to get your hand on a brand-spanking new 8-hole ocarina fingering chart (6 on top, 2 on bottom), click here!


Now On Grooveshark!

All 11 songs from “40 Acres” have been uploaded to

If you have never visited the site, I dare you to try to find a song not in their extensive catalog! There are tools to make playlists and even export them to websites and blogs.

I have at least temporarily changed the player on this site to a “grooveshark” powered widget.

Eventually I will list similar artists so my music will show up as suggestions when people play more established artists. But the problem is, I am not sure who exactly I sound like, or which artist’s fans would dig these songs of mine. Please email me with suggestions!

Happy Easter!

We have so much to be thankful for! Morgan, my youngest, turns 7 this week! We’ve already had 2 parties, and still have one or two to go!

I played this morning with our church band for the first time and had a lot of fun. I heard positive supportive feedback from everyone.

We also were so happy to come home from church to see that Capt. Richard Phillips was freed from his pirate captors! What a great Easter present for his family and our country.

I’ve been busy redoing my studio! I’ve pulled out carpet and the old desk and put in tile and custom shelves. I still have to rewire everything, but I am almost done. Perhaps I’ll post a picture when I’m finished.

Anyways, God Bless and remember He is risen and the tomb is still empty!