Could it be Magic?

magic_main_2Magic Music Visuals, that is.

I found this while looking for cool visualizations to use for the lyric videos for my new album, Almost Alive.

I’ll admit, there is a small learning curve before you’re creating true works of art, but I am impressed at the power of this program to turn sound into beautiful visuals. It also has the ability to function in a live environment, which could potentially be useful to me.

I highly recommend!


New CD is complete

Well, at least a good working draft. There are probably a few tweaks to be made here and there, but it is 99% completely complete. 🙂


As you can see, there is also a title, Almost Alive. I will get into the album’s story, and what it is all about in the weeks to come.

There is also an opportunity to get an advanced pre-release copy for people who would be so inclined to help me promote, market and provide feedback about the project. Look for the signup form on the homepage.

Can’t wait to tell you more! You guys are the best, stay tuned!