Apparently, iTunes takes time

Getting these tracks on iTunes is a little more difficult than I thought! I filled out an application online but was warned to not apply again and not to expect an answer anytime soon!
I was hoping to get that going while waiting on the funds to come in to press the CDs. Oh well, if I don’t hear anything soon, I’ll seek out a competing site.
Also, short of a few friends and family members, I really haven’t done much to advertise the site, but I do have a plan! More info on that later!

The Website Is Open!

The album is complete and soon to be replicated. Thank you for visiting! Getting this all off of the ground has been a dream come true and a labor of love.

As soon as I have CDs available for sale or tracks listed on iTunes, I will post a link here. Until then, enjoy the lo-fi previews at the top of the page.

Is something missing from the site? Post a comment below and let me know!