There Seems To Be A Pattern…

Build a website, release an album, promote the album, neglect the website…

Rebuild the website, release an album, promote the album, neglect the website…

And now, I have rebuilt the website again, because why? Yep, a new album is quickly approaching.

As of now, I am still sorting out the details of getting the domain properly forwarded and other techno mumbo jumbo, but if you’re reading this…I must have figured it out. 🙂

Once again, things are about to get busy around here. And the 2 albums I already have planned after this one hopefully will throw the last step of the pattern for at least a temporary loop.


Rethinking The Web Design

This website was setup to promote “40 Acres”. There really isn’t space for another project on the site as it stands today.

At some point in the next few weeks, I am going to have to renevate the look to support multiple projects and interests. It is also possible that I may be performing in the next 12 months or so, so I’d like to have resources available online to help with that, too. Finally, I am going to need to create a brand identity that will work for and not just the current album cover I am using now.

All of the blogger templates are currently 2-column, but I have used a 3-column template on another site I maintain. If you have any suggestions about all of this, or any thing else I need to include, drop me an email!

Downtime :(

In the process of moving my site over to my own hosting account, I ran into some problems!

Despite following numerous tips and tricks found out on the ole’ internets, I couldn’t solve this Blogger DNS problem. Basically, the problem was that Blogger would not host on a naked domain. (Meaning a site that did not start with “www”.)

If you tried, the site worked…..leave of the www and you got the screenshot above. So, after running in circles and trying lots of stuff I finally got the right combination to make it work. Remember, it takes a few hours for your changes to go through, so you don’t know immediately if what you did worked.

Briefly, here is what worked for me.

1) I forwarded the domain to in Domain Manager on

2) deleted existing A servers and set them to:

3) set a CNAME to:

4) in blogger, I chose Settings>Publishing, Custom Domain>Advanced Settings

5) put in the “Your Domain” field and checked the “redirect” box. (Of course, I typed the verification text and hit “Save Settings”.

And that did it. Welcome back everyone!

The Website Is Open!

The album is complete and soon to be replicated. Thank you for visiting! Getting this all off of the ground has been a dream come true and a labor of love.

As soon as I have CDs available for sale or tracks listed on iTunes, I will post a link here. Until then, enjoy the lo-fi previews at the top of the page.

Is something missing from the site? Post a comment below and let me know!