More Radio Play From!

Remember, is the podcast that is broadcast over several FM radio stations. While I am unsure of number of listeners, this is probably my widest distribution channel right now. I am thrilled to be on the Program Director’s good side!

Darryl Hurd has ran “Tony Maloney” multiple times and now has “Hold My Beer And Watch This” on his playlist. Judging by the clip below, it seems he may pick up some more songs from the album before it’s all said and done.

If you have a spare moment, send Darryl, host of The Intro a note at this webpage letting him know that you appreciate him playing these songs and his efforts promoting the kingdom of God to young people everywhere.

Terrestrial Radio Play!

God has been opening doors for this album!

Thanks to my friend at, “Tony Maloney” can now be heard on 21 radio affliates in the US, Canada, American Samoa and the UK.

You can also listen to the two-hour weekly program from his website.

I included a short clip from the most recent show! Enjoy!

WSPR Featured Artist

What is that little logo for??? It’s a title of distinction given to artists featured on their popular radio station and website.

All glory to God!!! More info to follow, but I have spoken to a Christian syndicated radio producer who has given me good reason to believe that “Tony Maloney” may soon be played on a number of stations.

Most Prestigious Top 10 List Yet! is a highly-selective independent music radio station that plays every genre of music in a terrestial format. Meaning, the music is selected by DJs and streamed 24/7, just like a regular radio station.

Just getting airplay on this station is a huge honor. “Tony Maloney” being listed in the Top 10 Radio Songs from the last 7 days is epic. Especially considering that the song is competing outside of it’s Christian format.

I plan on sending an email to the site letting them know how much I appreciate them for spinning not only my track, but Christian music in general. God Bless!

Two More Makes Four!

Jesse’s Country Corner & Build The Church are now featuring tracks from the album.

Jesse’s site is a brand new Country station from England….Yes, England….who knew??? Anyways, the Brits are now getting a listen to track 10, “West Virginia”. Perhaps they’ll want to take holiday there???

Build The Church is a long-running award winning podcast with thousands of devoted listeners. I couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of it. They are playing “Tony Maloney” and have made “40 Acres” a featured album!

Take a moment to check out each site, you’ll be glad you did!