The Freedom Space Podcast

Yet another foriegn language podcast has picked up a track from the album. From what can tell of the site, it seems to be a German or Italian Christian music podcast averaging a few dozen downloads a week.

Their most recent show features “Never Gonna Stop Me”. Drop them a line if you speak whatever language that is over there! My best guess is German.

Two More Makes Four!

Jesse’s Country Corner & Build The Church are now featuring tracks from the album.

Jesse’s site is a brand new Country station from England….Yes, England….who knew??? Anyways, the Brits are now getting a listen to track 10, “West Virginia”. Perhaps they’ll want to take holiday there???

Build The Church is a long-running award winning podcast with thousands of devoted listeners. I couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of it. They are playing “Tony Maloney” and have made “40 Acres” a featured album!

Take a moment to check out each site, you’ll be glad you did!