The Freedom Space Podcast

Yet another foriegn language podcast has picked up a track from the album. From what can tell of the site, it seems to be a German or Italian Christian music podcast averaging a few dozen downloads a week.

Their most recent show features “Never Gonna Stop Me”. Drop them a line if you speak whatever language that is over there! My best guess is German.

Terrestrial Radio Play!

God has been opening doors for this album!

Thanks to my friend at, “Tony Maloney” can now be heard on 21 radio affliates in the US, Canada, American Samoa and the UK.

You can also listen to the two-hour weekly program from his website.

I included a short clip from the most recent show! Enjoy!

Two More Makes Four!

Jesse’s Country Corner & Build The Church are now featuring tracks from the album.

Jesse’s site is a brand new Country station from England….Yes, England….who knew??? Anyways, the Brits are now getting a listen to track 10, “West Virginia”. Perhaps they’ll want to take holiday there???

Build The Church is a long-running award winning podcast with thousands of devoted listeners. I couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of it. They are playing “Tony Maloney” and have made “40 Acres” a featured album!

Take a moment to check out each site, you’ll be glad you did!

Worldwide Play! lets you see where your last 10 radio plays came from via a customizable world map.

I was amazed to see the world reach the station has! Songs from the album are being played from England to India and all kinds of other places!

In related news, 3 of the 4 songs I submitted remain in the Top 10, and “We Could Believe In Love” has held the top spot for several days running.