Thinking About My Life at 3 a.m.

When things get real quiet, you can actually hear yourself think. And sometimes, you start asking yourself some uncomfortable questions.

Midnight, and there’s nowhere else to go
Nothing left to tell that you did not know
I’m just waiting, contemplating

A memory, tucked deep inside my mind
Tattered recollections from a faded time
That’s not mine, but I can find
This lonely, dusty road that led me here
Hitchhike back in time till I disappear

It’s 1 a.m., and nothing else has changed
A man is on the TV selling microwaves
I’ve already got one, but I still kind of want some

That memory, went deeper than I knew
Asking me the question before I withdrew
To my safety, please don’t make me
Confront the glaring truth that burns in me
I try to keep it hidden, but I’m sure they’ll see

Come 2 a.m., life is lonely on the road
There’s a Bible in the drawer on the stand with the phone
And it’s navy blue, and seems brand new

And that memory, has just strengthened through delay
You asked me where I’d go if I died today
I said, I don’t know. Do you think, though
You could say a little prayer on behalf of me?
Open this sinner’s eyes so that I can see?

Now, I’ve went and done it, all over again
Awakening the mystery I’d prefer to forget
Guess that’s how it happened
I put my faith in Him

When I was thinking about my life
When I was thinking about my life
When I was thinking about my life at 3 a.m.