There Is A Cause

We sit on the most exciting news in human history, but to a casual observer, often you would not be able to tell. This song asks the question, “Is there not a cause?”

Is there not a cause? Is there no reason to sing?
Is there not joy? No voice of praise in offering?
Is there no comfort, in your darkest hour?
Is there no grace to replace all the trouble that’s getting you down?

Is there not a call, deep in your soul to worship free?
Is there not an urge, that won’t be denied its holy need?
Is there no refuge, in His secret place?
Is He not a rewarder of those who desperately seek His face?

Is there not a song, burst forth in gratitude and praise?
Is there no dance, no expression of love before your King?
Is there not pleasure, to be found in His ways?
Is there not peace that sustains you and keeps you for all of your days?

For the cause of the gospel, I will cry out
For the sake of His glory, I’m determined to shout
For the redeeming power of the blood that was shed
For the price that was paid on the cross where He bled
For any one of these and all, I will answer the sacred call
And declare to one and all, there is a cause