Dontcha Know

This is a tale of a bullied 12-year old boy looking for love and acceptance, and finding neither.

Today I’m turning twelve years old, dontcha’ know, dontcha’ know
All the kids think I am slow, dontcha know, dontcha’ know
I’m trying hard to fit in, but I’ve got so very far to go
Do you care about me, cause I really need to hear it from you
Dontcha’ know

There’s this girl I think is cute, but she don’t know, she don’t know
I hear she thinks I’m just bad news, but I don’t know, I don’t know
I’m trying hard to be cool, but I’ve got so very much to do
Do you think she cares about me, cause I’d really like to find out from her
Dontcha’ know

I’m not just a kid anymore
I’ve lived things I’m not ready for
And I’m hoping there’s more than this

I can visualize the life I want to live
And always have the right word to give
And not just make it all about myself
Help the kids like me and not just give them hell

Cause the very next time that kid punches me
I ain’t gonna think what consequence may be
He’s a big bad bully trying to ruin my life
But I got in my bag my momma’s kitchen knife

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to use it
But if I keep getting pushed I might just lose it
I’m just looking for a voice of kindness
But for kids like me, I may as well have blindness

Cause you ain’t gonna find what don’t exist
I got a demon inside, call an exorcist
I’m gonna snap, crackle, pop on the bus today
I’m a killer and a child just finding his way

Dontcha’ know
Dontcha’ know, dontcha’ know
Dontcha know, dontcha’ know

I tried so hard to fit in, but making friends is hard to do
Do you care about me
Cause I really need to hear it from you