"A Thousand Years" To Appear On The Christian Music Podcast

Podcast #56 of the Christian Music Podcast will air on June 16, 2014 featuring “A Thousand Years”, a track from my new album “Just What The World Is Looking For.”

The Christian Music Podcast is produced by KTF Productions.  I am honored to be a part of their program.  They also have television and dramatic audio shows to check out.  Get over there and take a look for yourself!

Tune In To "Tuesday Night Bliss" tomorrow!

I will be a Featured Artist tomorrow on “Tuesday Night Bliss” and have some of my songs popping up on some of the other shows on that station.

This is a great way to get an advanced look at some of the never-heard-before new album tracks and hear amazing new music from Christian artists around the world. Stop in and say hello!


Tuesday Night Bliss 5-7 PM PST is a blend of mellow Rock, contemporary Christian music, and Rock music.

The world`s best independent Gospel music and Ministry – tune in and tune up your soul. Home of the “Eternal Cross Show” with DJ RedMan, and the “Dusty Roads Show” with Jerry “the bluesman” Herrera.