Another Unsolicited Observation on Charlottesville

I’m not going to cite proof and show you charts and pictures because all of that is meaningless now. I don’t trust any version of events being described. I am simply going to tell you what I feel in my gut about all of this.

The opposing forces you see on your screens are not organic. They are funded by people with a shared goal of destabilizing our country. Don’t mishear me. I’m not saying racist people don’t exist. I’m not saying you and others don’t have an opinion. I’m just saying a few thousand racist nazis just didn’t magically feel compelled to appear out of thin air in a random Virginia city last week. There had to be an organizational factor involved.

How do we fight against this?

So, how can we fight against this? How can we actually make a difference?

I suggest you do business with people who are a different race or culture from you. In my experience, most people you meet are warm, open, and friendly. Not monsters who hate you because of your skin color. Make a point to demonstrate kindness, generosity, and compassion in your transaction. And gosh darnit, smile. 🙂

Go to a park or church and just be friendly with people. Ignore the way media wants you to behave.

Let people consumed with rage fight over statues, flags, and symbols. Fight with love. Don’t punch a Nazi – hug a Nazi. At least pray for him. He’s lost and seeking direction and identity in the wrong place.

Don’t punch a Nazi, hug a Nazi.

I’m not naive. I know these hate movements can not continue forever unchecked. But, I’m not talking about taking out the head of the snake. I’m suggesting starving its body from the anger and discontent it feeds upon. It’s hard to hate an entire race when you know one of those people truly care for you.

“All <insert ethnicity> people are bad,” for example, becomes, “Well, not all <insert ethnicity> people are bad.”

It’s a subtle step. But, it’s a first step in the right direction. You can be the catalyst of that change just by demonstrating the love of Jesus in your day-to-day life.

Many people are convinced we are on the verge of civil unrest. I reject this. This is a media-driven war and I won’t take up arms to fight it for them. I don’t need my friends to virtue signal on social media proclaiming you stand against racism, nazism, or any other -ism. If I thought you were any of those things, we wouldn’t be friends in the first place. Just be an excellent version of yourself and represent Christ well.

This season of racial animosity too shall pass…as soon as this mysterious destabilizing force realizes we aren’t going to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors.


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