A Conspiracy Theory’s Day of Reckoning

Some are ridiculous, some seem plausible, most are harmless, but there are few of us who don’t love hearing a good conspiracy theory every now and then.

Even those myths which are easily-debunked have strong cult-like believers. Flat Earthers, Fake Moonlanders, and Loch Ness Monster Believers, come to mind.

Flat Earth rendering

Like most urban legends, the vast majority of these stories seem fated to live eternally in a sort of unlikely limbo of believablity. I mean, how do you prove vampires do not exist? And how do you convince someone of that fact who really hope they do?

Brad Pitt as a biter
Brad Pitt as a biter

These next few weeks, however, offer us an amazing opportunity. A popular conspiracy theory is about to get a real world test. What theory, you may ask? Well, only the preposterous idea that our world governments are largely-populated with a cabal of cannibalistic pedophile Satanists. Hilariously, I’m not even kidding. A large part of this belief now falls under the term, Pizzagate, although this conspiracy has long existed before the “cheesy” title.

Pizzagate is about to be conclusively proven or disproven.


Podesta Emails

I first became aware of this conspiracy theory during the run up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election when Wikileaks began publishing the infamous Podesta Emails. John Podesta was chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and the data breach revealed many of the machinations of her inner circle.


Yeah, there's some weird stuff...
Yeah, there’s some weird stuff…

After the low hanging fruit was harvested, (Clinton’s successful manipulation of the mainstream media, her private contradictions to her public policy positions, her criticism of Catholics and evangelicals) citizen researchers began to notice several strangely-worded emails regarding food. Specifically, pizza.

Reminds me of that joke; buying "2 grams of hockey tickets."
Reminds me of that joke; buying “2 grams of hockey tickets.”

Once on the scent, the internet researchers went ’30 speed’ connecting Podesta dots.

The tiny human blur.
The tiny human blur.

Comet Ping Pong

Connections Podesta had to Washington D.C. restaurateur James Alefantis were investigated.

The front door of Comet Ping Pong pizza shop, also John Podesta
The front door of Comet Ping Pong pizza shop, also John Podesta

Comet Ping Pong doesn’t seem like a family-friendly place

Alefantis was named one of D.C.’s 50 most influential people. He has been romantically linked to David Brock who is the Chief of Media Matters, an organization tasked with representing DNC talking points on social media. Alefantis’ restaurant, Comet Ping Pong, has a very… skewed… vision of what a family restaurant looks like. Don’t click on any of these links with children present, please.


It was at this point that I became aware of the shadowy figure known best as FBIAnon.

I'm sure he looks like this.
I’m sure he looks like this.

In interest of moving the story along, in July 2016, a series of posts to an anonymous message board were made by an individual claiming to have inside information pertaining to the FBI case against Hillary Clinton. This was not taken very seriously until months later when news events began to seem to corroborate his/her story.

There were many bombshell claims, including charges of association with the occult, although FBIAnon admitted some disinformation was sprinkled in to preserve his/her identity. Make of that what you will.

Spirit Cooking

Speaking of the occult, John Podesta and his brother, Tony, shared an email from “performance artist” Marina Abramovic famous for the practice known as “Spirit Cooking.”

Not weird at all...
Not weird at all…

Abramovic seems to have quite a few celebrity friends. Obviously, this is a free country and if you want to worship the devil, it’s your.. ummm, God-given American right to do so, but the link between high-ranking government officials and this manner of dark spiritualism added fuel to the investigative fire.

Weiner’s Laptop

Anthony Weiner was married to Huma Abedin, Hillary’s close, personal assistant.

Weiner and Abedin
Weiner and Abedin

A report went out that during a NYPD investigation into Weiner’s underage sexting case, it stumbled on a folder labeled “Life Insurance” full of damaging information on Clinton and other government officials. Credibility was given to this report when FBI Director James Comey reopened the investigation into Clinton’s emails shortly thereafter.

It is true that the investigation was again closed, however, conspiracy theorists chalk this up to strategy. The reason given for the lack of sweeping indictments at that time was the fear the Obama administration would hand out pardons like a drunk Oprah Winfrey making dreams come true.


Media Coverups

“Fake News” starts trending as Pizzagate scandal grows

The proliferation of the term “fake news” began shortly after details about pizzagate became known. At this point, even true blue believers into the validity of the claims are merely calling for an investigation into the matter. Why would concerns based on tangible evidence about child endangerment be so widely labeled a hoax without any official investigation? Some examples of coverup include:

There is a mirror: http://s538144780.initial-website.com/r/pizzagate/
There is a mirror: http://s538144780.initial-website.com/r/pizzagate/


So, why didn’t these indictments go out January 21st after the hangovers wore off from the Inaugural Balls? Again, it is argued that the required framework was not in place. Trump first needed to cleanse the CIA and FBI before moving forward. Visiting the CIA was, in fact, one of his first acts as President.

But the most important brick in the wall is being placed as I type this. The Senate is nearing the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Here, Trump seems to allude as to what he foresees Session’s role to be.


Here is the great part. You don’t have to believe any of this, or even spend a moment wondering if it all may be true. All you have to do is pay attention these next few weeks. If news of dozens of high-profile arrests don’t start happening, look for unexplained resignations, people leaving the country, even suicides. (Please don’t assume anyone who commits suicide is a child molester, however.) Delaying prosecution is not a great option, because time favors the accused. It isn’t great as a bargaining chip, because the obvious question would be, why did you not prosecute as soon as you were able once you knew?

Of course, nothing may happen. We may just stare at the swamp and never see anything.

The allusive Loch Ness Monster
The allusive Loch Ness Monster

It reminds me of the lead up to the presidential vote last November. It seemed as if there were two competing realities. The mainstream media who assured us a Hillary presidency was inevitable, and the fringe conservative loonys swearing that the polls were rigged.

Either way, this conspiracy theory’s days are numbered. It will either be permanently seen as truth or fiction very soon. If it is true, the world is about to experience a seismic shift.

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