Jesus Saves, and so should you!

If you are like me and produce high volumes of data, backing it all up can be a chore. I used to schedule out a few days a year to verify everything was getting properly put to DVD-R media, but now-a-days, I’d probably need 20 DVDs or so to do each project. That’s where cloud storage comes in, and I am surprised how many professionals I talk to that have no backup solutions in place.

Don’t find yourself with a non-bootable drive full of your most important files! I was with one particular company, had some technical problems, customer service was unresponsive…Anyways, in searching for a new company, I found this deal with iDrive for 75% off your first year for 1TB of storage. After that, the price is still really good.

I’ll let you know if I have any problems with them, but I am optimistic. I’m uploading my first backup as we speak.

So, remember to save your files. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. And that includes hard drives!!!cartoon-computer-16729065

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