Downtime :(

In the process of moving my site over to my own hosting account, I ran into some problems!

Despite following numerous tips and tricks found out on the ole’ internets, I couldn’t solve this Blogger DNS problem. Basically, the problem was that Blogger would not host on a naked domain. (Meaning a site that did not start with “www”.)

If you tried, the site worked…..leave of the www and you got the screenshot above. So, after running in circles and trying lots of stuff I finally got the right combination to make it work. Remember, it takes a few hours for your changes to go through, so you don’t know immediately if what you did worked.

Briefly, here is what worked for me.

1) I forwarded the domain to in Domain Manager on

2) deleted existing A servers and set them to:

3) set a CNAME to:

4) in blogger, I chose Settings>Publishing, Custom Domain>Advanced Settings

5) put in the “Your Domain” field and checked the “redirect” box. (Of course, I typed the verification text and hit “Save Settings”.

And that did it. Welcome back everyone!


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