New Computer Woes and Wows!

I’ve been semi-offline for the last couple weeks retiring my old PC and building a new one from donated “broken” ones. These broken PCs had plenty of parts to make a pretty decent little machine for myself!

I’ve ran into some pesky problems with some legacy gear in my new Vista 64-bit install. Seems like Vista doesn’t support the GamePort anymore! That is where my MIDI cable plugs in! There is a guy who claims to have made a MIDI driver for Vista, but the 64-bit version is not 100% yet. I’ll be trying it out soon enough, I’m sure.

Assuming I get up and running again, I am looking forward to some painless recording. Tracking “40 Acres” really put my old computer into the red performance-wise. The processor would overheat and ring system alarms at me while I was laying down tracks! Even after rendering individual instruments, the computer couldn’t access the data fast enough from my hard drives. It’s a wonder I finished it at all!

Anyways, I have been introduced to the Vista Sidebar and I like it! There seems to be a radio station “gadget” and I intend to attempt to get airplay there. I’m still a few days from normal, but at least I’m back online.

Next time I’ll tell you all about ISRC codes and what they do. (Try to hold your excitement 😉


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