Promotion Update

I’ve been prayerfully considering which promotional tools to use so people can know about and hear this album.

My main focus right now is to get the actual CD manufactured first. The reason for this is because I can then use a service called That service requires a CD, but will do the work to get your music on iTunes and more.

I’ve wanted to put up a profile on MySpace, but everytime I try I kind of get a leading not to. I have decided to trust this leading until I pray about it some more.

What I have done is place some ads using Microsoft adCenter shown in the photo. I am not sure how much traffic this will drive to the site, but the budget is very small.

Please remember, you can help get this project noticed! Send everyone in your address book a link to the site. Word of mouth is always the best advertisement!

God Bless! Really soon I will share with you the prophetic word spoken over this project so you can agree with me that it will be successful and Jesus will be glorified.

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